When to choose a Direct Connect connection for your business

A Direct Connection (DX) gateway to AWS

When choosing a Direct Connect (DX) connection for Amazon Web Services (AWS), it can be useful to consider a number of factors

Network Latency

Using a DX connection can reduce network latency and improve application performance if you have a high traffic volume between your on-premises infrastructure and AWS.


If you need to transfer large amounts of data to and from AWS, a DX connection can provide higher bandwidth than a traditional internet connection.


A DX connection allows you to establish a dedicated, private connection between your on-premises infrastructure and AWS, which can improve security and reduce the risk of data breaches.


While a DX connection may be more expensive than a traditional internet connection, it can be more cost-effective in the long run if you transfer large amounts of data or require a high level of security.


If your industry has compliance requirements, such as HIPAA, that mandate a certain level of security and data protection, you may be required to use a DX connection to meet these requirements.

Remember that setting up a DX connection requires additional configuration steps, such as physical cross-connects in your data centre and additional network configuration. So, it’s better to plan that accordingly.

In summary, a DX connection is best for those who need low latency, high bandwidth, and high security for their connection to AWS.


AWS Direct Connect

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