Inventory Management Solution on AWS

Embrace our Award winning Software Developed on AWS

Transform your operations with our Inventory Management Solution on AWS: Unleashing Scalability, Performance, Security, Predictions and Speed for Your Business!

The benefits of our solution

Real-time monitoring for proactive inventory management

AWS CloudWatch empowers you with real-time insights and actionable metrics, ensuring proactive monitoring of your inventory system’s health and performance for optimal operations.

Fortified Security with Encryption Excellence

Experience unparalleled data security! Encryption at rest and in transit, meticulously implemented across all components, guarantees the confidentiality and integrity of your valuable inventory data.

Global Rapid Development for Swift Time-to-Market Triumph

AWS Amplify accelerates development with pre-built UI components and seamless integration, allowing your business to bring new inventory features to market swiftly and efficiently.

Continuous deployment for Agile Inventory Operations

Our Inventory Management Solution on AWS, powered by Amazon Route 53, ensures seamless scalability, catering to your expanding inventory needs on a global scale.

Innovative features for enhanced inventory control

Real-time data synchronisation, offline capabilities, fine-grained access control, and compliance adherence—all these innovative features are woven into our solution to elevate your inventory management experience.

Scalable database powerhouse for dynamic inventory growth

DynamoDB, our chosen NoSQL database, offers seamless scalability, high availability, and low-latency performance, ensuring your inventory system handles growth and fluctuations effortlessly.

AI-Powered Precision

Unlock the future of efficiency through advanced ML/AI technologies. Our solutions harness the power of artificial intelligence for accurate demand forecasting, seamless automation, and efficient order processing, ensuring your business operates at the forefront of innovation.

Global accessibility

Our Inventory Management Solution on AWS, powered by Amazon Route 53, ensures seamless scalability, catering to your expanding inventory needs on a global scale.

Business Awards UK - Cloud Winner

What our customers say about our service

David Helbling

Skoops IceCream, Ohio, USA

Digital Cloud Advisors maintains great communication during the entire project. Together we were able to brainstorm and create custom software to fill the void in our company. This new software will make us more efficient and profitable.
Thank you so much for your dedication, support, and expertise during the development and implementation process of the Inventory Management Solution!
It’s been amazing!! 
CONGRATULATIONS on winning the Best Software Business Award!!! This is great news and obviously well-deserved through all of the team’s hard work!

David Dodoiu

Business Partner,

These Guys at DCA are absolutely amazing. After designing the most optimised AWS Serverless Architecture for us, realising how they took note of every need we had, by paying attention to every tiny detail, we were so happy with the results that we decided to use their Inventory Management WebApp for one of the Businesses in our Group. 
The use of the App literally revolutionised our Operations, saving us money and time in so many ways and all this while being secure and scalable. 
I would highly recommend their services to any SME or Large Business. I can guarantee that any Business will get a 10-fold return on investment in a short period. 
Hats off to you Raul and to your entire team at DigitalCloudAdvisor!

Johnny Manole

Burger Factory, Kilkenny

I’m pleased to share my experience with the Inventory Management Solution from DigitalCloudAdvisor. Implementing this software has revolutionised our operations. The app has streamlined our inventory processes, saving time and reducing errors. Managing stock across multiple locations is now effortless. The intuitive interface provides real-time inventory data, aiding decision-making with clear insights. Tracking stock levels and identifying trends is simple. Robust security features protect our data, giving us peace of mind to focus on our business. The software’s predictive capabilities allow accurate forecasting, reducing waste and optimising inventory. DigitalCloudAdvisor’s solution has transformed our inventory management. I highly recommend it for any business seeking to enhance operations and control stock. Thank you, DigitalCloudAdvisor, for an outstanding product!

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