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Cultivated with a vision to support startups and small and medium-sized enterprises on their transformative journey within AWS, DigitalCloudAdvisor emerges as a beacon of expertise. Guided by visionary leaders, our firm is propelled by a fervent dedication to enhancing AWS and IT methodologies. Armed with extensive experience and many certifications, DigitalCloudAdvisor stands as your strategic partner, poised to assist you in realizing and surpassing your business objectives. Entrust your aspirations to our seasoned professionals, and let us navigate your path to success with precision and proficiency.

The services we offer

Our comprehensive suite of services at DigitalCloudAdvisor is tailored to meet your business needs at every stage of your AWS expedition. Whether you are in the contemplative phase, embarking on your initial foray into the cloud, or have an established cloud infrastructure, our seasoned experts stand ready to deliver unwavering support. We adhere to the highest standards of AWS practices, ensuring continuous assistance and guidance to optimize your business operations.

The advice we offer

When it comes to AWS, DigitalCloudAdvisor emerges as the premier choice. Beyond mere construction, audit, or enhancement of your cloud presence, we offer ongoing training and support for your IT departments. In the absence of dedicated IT personnel, we are adept at managing your account seamlessly. Reach out to our expert team today to explore how we can elevate and streamline your cloud journey with tailored solutions designed for your success.

Meet the team

Raul Mihai

Co-Founder & CEO
AWS Architect & Security Specialist

I’ve always been drawn to the dynamic nature of team management. Yet, founding DCA presented a whole new level of challenge—one that I eagerly embraced.

My passion for guiding companies through their AWS journey has not only pushed me to evolve continually but has also inspired me to cultivate a diverse and motivated team.

Every day brings new opportunities and experiences, which I find most rewarding. As I envision the future, I can’t help but imagine the incredible growth and potential of our team in five or even ten years’ time.

Here’s to the journey ahead! 

Mohamed Ghait

Business Development Manager
AWS Architect

Hi there! I’m Mohamed Ghait, and my passion lies in delivering top-notch results for our clients at DigitalCloudAdvisor.

With a solid history of improving services and cutting costs, I bring a wealth of hands-on experience to every project. As a Business Development Manager and Solution Architect, I enjoy guiding challenging, high-level projects to success. My passion for cloud architecture, coupled with a keen focus on security and networking, empowers me to guide DCA clients towards seamless cloud adoption and beefed-up security.

Let’s kickstart this journey together! 

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