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  • Optimising application costs for a serverless architecture

    Optimising application costs for a serverless architecture

    When implemented correctly, a Well-Architected cloud solution can lead to immediate cost savings on monthly bills and long-term savings through better practices within your company. AWS offers a wide range of services for monitoring, compliance, security, pay-as-you-go computing, orchestration, and automation, allowing businesses of any size to optimize their costs and increase profits. The serverless…

  • A DevSecOps approach

    A DevSecOps approach

    The DevSecOps approach to software development emphasizes integrating security considerations into the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), which is a crucial component of an organization.  Each step in the design, testing, deployment, and maintenance of software directly impacts its success and the company’s overall performance. Implementing an efficient development cycle approach not only improves the…